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My name is Rhonda and I am the loving mother of two children, Whitney and Levi. I also have a very understanding husband, Dale. I live in a small town in Wisconsin and enjoy it. I collect Pyrex and anything else I can find that is interesting. I'll be posting my thrift store finds and other Pyrex related finds. Can't wait to show off what deals I've found!

Monday, February 25, 2013

I am addicted obsessed with Pyrex! Of course my favorite is the Butterprint..But my family gave me this piece for Christmas.. I have searched through dozen of pages on Flickr and every Pyrex blog I can find. Does anyone know what pattern this is? It is a 474B 1 1/2 qt.
Here is a close-up...It is a beautiful piece and in fantastic condition!
Probably one of my favorite pieces..

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  1. Yeah...I'm a closet Pyrex addict :0) How exciting that you received this from your family! It's just beautiful! I haven't seen it before either.