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My name is Rhonda and I am the loving mother of two children, Whitney and Levi. I also have a very understanding husband, Dale. I live in a small town in Wisconsin and enjoy it. I collect Pyrex and anything else I can find that is interesting. I'll be posting my thrift store finds and other Pyrex related finds. Can't wait to show off what deals I've found!

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Thrifing for Friends!

It's always fun when your thrifty friends are just as crazy as you are! My crazy wonderful friend Barb has a brand new kitchen and I am looking forward to helping her fill it. She loves vegetable and fruit dishes. She already has some awesome pieces, but you can never have too many vintage dishes. She has bought me awesome Pyrex pieces and it is time for me to return the favor!
So  for a mere $2.50 she is now the proud owner of this!

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